Sher L.

“Turn your ex’s attorney into the tiny little teacup Chihuahua that he really is with a Pitbull on your team!”

After going through such an agonizing and seemingly never-ending dispute with my ex for custody, I almost gave up. I hired and fired two terrible male attorneys who insisted it was impossible to get my requests granted. Both my previous lawyers were absolute schmucks! They messed up my case so badly and actually included things in my agreement that I did not ask for which left me driving 600 miles to drop off and 600 miles to pick up my daughter from the central valley every 3 day weekend and holiday.

My ex was a deadbeat dad and never took any responsibility for my daughter and suddenly wanted to file for full custody because he was having yet another baby he couldn’t afford to raise. He wanted my daughter with him to help him babysit and relieve himself from any back ordered child support which was a mere $214 per month, broken into two installments, which he had issues paying for the last 12 years. Seriously, I spend more on toilet paper per month than what he was ordered to pay in support.

I found several lawyers in Tustin with a few reviews. Called one with a rate of $350 per hour and made an appointment. I then realized that her reviews didn’t have personal accounts and seemed to be left by her own staff. When I spoke to that female attorney, she seemed tired out. I saw pictures of her office with furniture that seemed to be donations from a thrift store with her outdated attire to go along with it. I strongly believe that a lawyer’s office decor and attire, is a good indication of how efficient and updated they are with their practice. I found several reviews of other lawyers online with high ratings but they were all men and I was now looking for a female attorney, who I felt, could personally sympathize and understand what women go through with the threat of losing custody to an undeserving deadbeat.

I ran into a review from Mary’s previous client. It was very detailed and the person was very happy with Mary’s service. Her office was well maintained and looked high end which was a plus! I paid her a visit and went over my case. I didn’t have to say too much and she asked some specific questions and went over paperwork from my previous lawyers. She was shocked to see that my paperwork was actually done by a professional lawyer.

We went over all possibilities for my case and she made some suggestions. I asked her for everything that my two previous attorneys and also the judge said were IMPOSSIBLE to attain. I never got a “NO” from her and although my requests might’ve been far fetched at that moment, she really pulled some tricks out of her hat. She is EXTREEEEEEMELY CLEVER, BRILLIANT, and not to mention really funny, and devised ways to get me EVERYTHING I wanted without going to to trial! She got on the phone with my ex’s attorney and basically sent the wrath. She had him so discombobulated with her tactics, that even he, in turn, started asking her for advice and direction on the case.

Many attorneys will suggest trial for obvious reasons – so they can rake in the dough, but Mary prevented that from happening. She put my ex’s attorney on check, told him that she’s not going to play these little back and forth games and waste her client’s money. She convinced my ex’s attorney to convince his client (my ex) to sign the agreement and he did! Hallelujah!

I would love to tell you the many clever tactics, out of the box suggestions and tricks that she had up her sleeve, that got me everything I asked for, but that would be doing the next client disservice, as these tactics must remain Mary’s SECRET SAUCE, and should not be made available to opposing counsel. I was absolutely impressed with her level of knowledge, her prompt and precise timing, and her speed through the entirety of my case.

She really gets things moving and never wastes her client’s time nor money. Each second I spent with her either on the phone, via email, and in person visit, was very time efficient. She always got right to the point and made things happen. There was NEVER a time where I had to call her to ask about the status on my case. She wrapped up my 2 year long battle and upcoming trial on February 14th, 2012, in about 5 conversations flat. I never had to go to trial, papers were signed by both parties, and she had my ex’s attorney’s balls hanging from a cliff by the time she was done ( in a dignified way of course;p ). She turned my ongoing war into child’s play.

She is such an AMAZING AMAZING attorney and I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone who’s looking for a brilliant and honest attorney that will make things happen. Her service is worth every single red cent and you might very well, be looking at a shameful demise without her on your team!